Moving pictures only tell half the story.
We leverage the power of sound to bring productions to life.
Watch our story  

Brands have personalities. They have tastes. They have a vibe. Our job is to capture that energy and focus it through the lens of sound.

Experiential is the future. It’s where everything is heading. From immersive audio and virtual reality to live venues and huge audiences, we have the creative and technical experience to handle it all.


MUSIC NOW – Homecoming

Cincinnati Symphony

Businesses have harnessed the power of audio, video, and multimedia communications to bring their teams together and put their message out there. It’s the best way to convey information with impact and lasting impressions. We’re here to help!

Cisco’s GSX Global Sales Experience

P&G World Design Meeting

84.51 Story Matters Podcast

Every story has a storyteller and that voice is the one thing that brings the message to your ears. Choosing a voice and recording it properly is high art that we take seriously. We have the experience to find just the right voice and capture it in just the right light for your project.

Sound effects, foley, and ambience create the fabric upon which the story grows. Our award winning SFX team goes out into the real world to capture the most vivacious and tactile recordings. Sound design makes it real.

There is no substitute for the flexibility and match-to-picture that custom music brings to any production. Gold and Platinum winning producers and composers work tirelessly to turn around the best music possible every day at Picturemusic. It’s what we do!

So much of the entertainment world has moved to experiential live events. Picturemusic has been involved in the creation of all sorts of live events across the globe. Need sound? Will travel…

We don’t just write copy, we voice and record it every day. Our lives are spent bringing words to life and weaving them into the flow of a production. Great copy is not just words on a page, but rather a sensation to be experienced. Let our expertise help convey your message from concept to realization.

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